AIG – Direct Travel Insurance

A necessary evil”. “I just by the cheapest one”. “They’re all as bad as each other”. Such views are common amongst younger travellers and holiday makers. We learned that as people don’t think travel insurance companies pay out, they buy, paradoxically, the cheapest policy they can find on a comparison sites. And if your brand doesn’t appear in the top few listings on the first page of the comparison site, then you’re highly unlikely to bought.

That’s why we developed a campaign for DTI that said we do pay out however bizarre you think your claim may be. Crucially it had to be delivered memorably so that people would look (via Google) for DTI and not an internet comparison site. And that’s exactly what they did, searching for monkey insurance and monkey travel insurance, letting us take them to DTI’s site.

The campaign helped DTI exceed their benchmark acquisition targets by volume and cost.

After all when things go wrong who wouldn’t want insurance that goes right?