AIG – Financial Cancer Cover

Meeting the financial cost of cancer

AIG saw there was an unmet demand for a product that gives people who are diagnosed with cancer a lump sum pay-out. A product that helps them meet the hidden costs of cancer.

They asked us to launch the product for them with an off-the-page press and direct mail campaign.

Our research showed that people in remission would have bought such a product if they’d known it existed. Nobody wants to fight cancer successfully to then come out the other side broke.

Yet, as your own research continues to show, it is expensive coping with cancer. It makes the majority of people worse off financially.

Our first task was to create a category descriptor, ensuring the product wasn’t confused with medical insurance. It became known as Financial Cancer Cover.

We developed a campaign that juxtaposed optimistic messages with hard realities. This allowed us to be authoritative and empathetic.

It gave people a reason to want the product, and crucially, the confidence to buy it from AIG, without resorting to hyperbole.

Success was measured by whether the cost of recruitment was below AIG’s TARP recruitment target. We’re delighted to report it was.