Avios – MGM Programme

We wanted to encourage Avios members to share the love of Avios. Or in other words, create an MGM campaign that would encourage Avios’ high value collectors to recommend the Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card Account to their friends.

We know that Avios members are passionate travel enthusiasts. But we also knew that they see themselves as savvy spenders and savers – reaping the rewards for collecting Avios through their every day shopping.

So we wanted to get them to share this ‘savvy secret’ by giving them more of what the love – Avios!

This would also provide a digital platform that could be used across other Avios key partner brands – starting with Lloyds and followed by Tesco, TSB and Shell.

The first email is sent to the Avios member. They are incentivised to share the secret of Avios with a reward of 4,500 Avios – for them and their friends.

Visually, we use silhouettes of people sharing a secret. Each silhouette shows a destination that 4,500 Avios gets you.
The Avios member clicks through to a bespoke microsite which automatically populates with their information.

They’re then thanked and encouraged to speak to their friends about Avios.

The recommend friends receive a personalised email from Avios (on behalf of their friend) telling them of the benefits of Avios and offering them the incentive to join and start collecting.

Once the friend signs up and starts to collect, both friend and member are sent a communication to close the loop and let them know that their accounts have been credited with 4,500 Avios.