Avios – moving towards CRM 3.0

Soul is working with Avios to help them realise their CRM vision, to make them ‘the most loved travel rewards
programme in the world’.

The new programme has Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its heart. AI will be used to create bespoke collection and redemption
plans for every one of the millions of Avios collectors, starting with the creation of their own wishlist.

When members set their goal, Avios calculates how long it will take for them to reach it based on their current rate of
collection. Avios then shows how adding further collection channels and partners would help them realise their goal

Going forward the communications a member receives are then related to how close they are to their goal.

Soul is also working with Avios to reduce reliance on email as the main brand interface for communications. In the
interim all CRM communications are adopting greater levels of personalisation and reflect Avios’ revised brand strategy
of focusing on experiences and the communication challenge of building greater engagement with the scheme.

As for effectiveness, a percentage of our pay is aligned with the same engagement KPIs as the CRM team, so we take
this as personally as they do.