The Connection – DonateLocate App

Homeless charity app set to change the way people donate

The Connection at St Martin-in-the-fields, the official charity of Radio 4 Christmas Appeal, has worked with Soul to develop an app to change the way the public donates to homeless people.

The Donate Locate App allows users to donate a small amount to the charity, instead of giving it directly to a homeless person. The Connection’s research shows that nearly nine out of every ten pounds given directly to homeless people is spent on drugs and alcohol. The Connection has long sought to break this downward spiral.

The app gives people the same feeling of helping whilst not perpetuating the use of drink & drugs. Replicating the sense of direct giving is the game changer.

Additionally, the donor’s location is transmitted via the phone’s GPS to enable the Connection’s Outreach team to connect with the homeless person who sparked the donation.

The app has successfully increased giving, the majority of donations made are £5, 48% of givers choosing this option, 32% give £3 and 20% give £1. The average use is 3 times or more, indicating that the app is creating a habit amongst givers.