House of Fraser – Suits you!

Digital print means you can be as dynamic in individual content selection for a mail pack, as you can for an email – all for not much more money than a classic ‘one size fits all’ mailing. This allowed us to create tailored invitations to shop the new season’s range
 for Recognition Cardholders. Each cardholder received a bespoke mailing that highlighted products from the new range that were relevant to them, based on their past purchase history.

The tangible, tactile nature of print uplifts response and ROI above its email counterpart. As HoF nicely put it: “it’s a little bit of our customers’ favourite store in their hands’.

We have also helped HoF develop their voice – well their tone of voice. Increasingly it is tone of voice that ensures everything ‘stays on brand’ and in retail tone of voice allows you to discount the product without discounting the brand.