Sproutboard BS-1.1

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time for festive music, food, and cheer around the world. It’s also the time of year that agencies will create their inevitable Christmas card campaigns to send to clients and friends. Rarely though, will an agency focus on what many would deem the ‘lesser’ aspects of Christmas. Here at Soul, we wanted to do just that.

For years now the brussels sprout has raised more than a few nostril hairs at the Christmas dinner table. But rather than join in with the hate, we decided to give them some love, reinvent them and more importantly inject a big dollop of Soul.

Using electrodes, a series of microcontrollers, resistors, transistors and some clever coding wizardry, 29 individual sprouts were hooked up to a human circuit board. Each sprout was assigned a trump sound (because that’s the sound a sprout makes), so that every time it is touched a trump note is played.

Introducing the Sproutboard BS-1.1, the worlds’ first brussels sprout digitally enhanced musical instrument.

To spread the festive cheer even further and encourage others to embrace the sprout, an online version of the Sproutboard BS-1.1 was created, giving people the opportunity to play Sproutmas themed songs to their hearts content.

Play the Sproutboard here.