Wightlink – the link to your best memories

Wightlink is the Isle of Wight’s market-leading ferry operator. Yet Wightlink wasn’t using this to their advantage.

Our start point was to revitalise the brand; to give Wightlink a communication platform that reflected the vital role they play in connecting the Island to the mainland.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. And it was with Wightlink. They run more ferries, on more routes, more often than anyone else. They are the link to the Island and the adventures, delights and memories it holds.

The constant creative challenge is to promote what the Island has to offer without becoming the de facto Isle of Wight Tourist Board, whilst positioning Wightlink as the natural choice to take you there.

A core part of our remit is to drive bookings. This starts with understanding the booking pattern – who books from were, how often, for how long. Analyzing past bookings lets us work out catchment areas, and build a customer & market segmentation, letting us target people appropriately.

Once we know who to talk to, it’s a matter of working out the best combination of channels to reach them. We use a mix of press, radio, email. digital ad serving, retargeting and social.

As 99% of bookings come from Wightlink’s website, it’s important that the campaign creative tracks through. This means we’re creating home page content, giving people the confidence to book.

It’s pleasing to report that the new approach is driving a sales uplift. So you could say that we’re providing the link to success.