Giving your brand meaning as people make their choice

In a world where people are crippled by the tyranny of choice, they look for reassurance as they unpick the decision making process. At Soul we know that understanding state of mind at the time of action is critical to helping people navigate this landscape. We leverage brands one to one, giving them meaning as people make their choice. The trick is to do it soulfully.


MindSetMapping gives us that consumer understanding. We plot the decision making process people go through and, crucially, identify the states of mind through the purchase journey. Not everybody buys in the same way. Some are confident whilst others are anxious with many variations between. Knowing how to leverage brands in this way improves sales ratios and marketing effectiveness and leads to more Soulful communications.

If you’d like to get soulful in a 1:1 way with your brand we’d love to talk to you.