Giving your brand meaning as people make their choice

Brands help people choose. They are the shorthand for what a company offers that take people from their muddled present to a resolved future. Advertising’s job is to make that resolved future a unifying and desirable one. Targeted communications help people out of their muddled present. They do this by understanding why people think, feel and say as they do and then reframing the brand to help people through their decision making.

We know how to leverage a brand to take people to the same resolved future by addressing their different muddled present. The trick is to do it soulfully.

Customer MindSet Mapping: the psychology of decision making

How we feel affects how we behave. If we feel anxious we tread cautiously. If we feel in control we step forward confidently. Our state of mind affects how we make decisions. It changes the way we buy.

We should remember that our decision-making isn’t as rational as we’d like to think. Indeed 80% of our decisions are non-conscious – snappy, quick, instinctive. That’s the space brands work in.

Customer Mindset Mapping unearths how people think. It identifies what affects the decision making journey of your customers and prospects. It lets you vary your communications to reflect the different motivations and need states of your audience.

There is always more than one mindset at play in a market. Typically there are four or five. Some people choose confidently, others fearfully. Some are all about the brand, others all about their peers.

The decision tipping point for one person may be an irrelevance for another. Not everyone thinks, feels and acts the same. We identify the variables that people cluster around that can then be used to create differentiated and thereby more effective communications.

If you’d like to get soulful with your brand we’d love to talk to you.