Soul’s Ben Rachel: advertising should prize the ‘fifth P’ – predictability – above disruption

Ben Rachel, planning director, SoulDisruption has become one of the primary watchwords in modern marketing speak. There’s so much emphasis on the new and the shiny, on the world evolving at a massive rate propelled by technology. No wonder, then, that conventional wisdom has it that the brands and products that disrupt the status quo must be the ones that succeed.

And, let’s face it, it’s so much more exciting to rip everything up and start again than focus on what you already have. But I’d argue technology has delivered something to modern marketing that is an antonym for disruption: a fifth ‘P’ in the shape of predictability.

Yes, the original ‘four Ps’ (Price, Product, Promotion, and Place) are still the fundamentals. A product needs to be fit for purpose and be available at the right place for the right price. But the unprecedented development in data, technology, and platforms has led to the rise of predictability. Affording marketers the opportunity to make brands and products fitter for (and here’s yet another ‘P’) purpose and to make their advertising so much more effective.

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